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CN Tower

Sky Pod

This is the highest man-built observatory in the world. The Sky Pod is located 33 stories above the main observation deck. Compare this: the building where my office is located, is 32 stories high. It means that the Sky Pod is located at a height of 447 metre above the base of the tower.

It is possible to walk all around the tower and on clear days one can see as far as 160 km (half the longest distance one can travel in Belgium!). On such days, one can easily see Niagara Falls and the American cities of Buffalo and Rochester.

At this height, one can also feel the tower sway in the wind. Quite an experience!

In winds of 180 kph with 320 kph gusts, the tower can sway up to:

Antenna: 203.2 cm from centre
Sky Pod: 101.6 cm from centre
Tower Sphere: 48.26 cm from centre

The trip with the elevator to the Sky Pod costs a few dollars extra and it is well worth it. Don't make the mistake most people make by not going. It is a unique experience. Don't join the crowds who have to say that they went 'nearly' to the top and can't explain why they didn't. But do it for yourself. If you don't live in North America, chances are you'll never be able to come back to Toronto and will never get this chance again. Have you really crossed the ocean to be stopped by the last one hundred metre?!

If you have been led to believe that Canadians have no sense of humour, think again! This is the exit.
This Flemish tourist, listening to the name of Piet Van Bockstaele (yes-yes, it's my brother) is smiling from ear-to-ear because he found the exit. A little egotistic, isn't he? Doesn't he realize it'll take hours to scrape him of the ground and clean the concrete?

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