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CN Tower

Panoramic views from the Horizons Café and the lowest observation decks

Roy Thompson Hall, the shiny truncated cone shaped building, is a fantastic concert hall where all types of events are organized. It is in this building that the Flemish Helmut Lotti has held his first Toronto concert.

The success of foreign concerts, when cleverly organized, is virtually guaranteed. A Fleming performing in Flanders is, well, a normal event and one has to really love the person in question in order to make the trip to see the performance. But when a Fleming performs in a foreign city with a reasonably large Flemish and even Dutch population, these people hardly need any encouragement. The simple fact that the performance is in the mother tongue is reason enough to show up.

Mr. Lotti has performed some time later in Massey Hall. Toronto has no lack of world class concert halls. It is the third most important theatre city of the English speaking world.

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