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CN Tower

Horizons Café

Horizons Café is an informal version of the revolving restaurant just above it. A nice place, but of course, not as nice as the revolving restaurant. The prices are about as high, but of course, one can limit oneself to a tea or a beer.

If you really fancy a beer, please do enjoy a Canadian one. Don't drink your - undoubtedly delicious - local brand. Canada is a real beer country and Canadians are proud of their large variety of high quality beers. Allow yourself to get to know them!

A warning though: beer and other alcoholic beverages are a lot more expensive than in many other countries, especially so in comparison to the country I come from: Belgium. There is a lot less alcoholism in Canada than in Belgium. I suspect the high price of beer has something to do with that.

This picture, and the following one, was made in March 2001. You see my brother, Piet Van Bockstaele, with his first Canadian beer. I took the alcohol free house cocktail myself. It costs half the price and you get the glass for free. The glass is in the shape of the CN Tower and you get a brand new one, nicely packed in a plastic bag. So, if you are an illicit souvenir hunter, don't bother. This is much better than stealing a dirty glass that's going to soil your bag!

Also, look at the buildings. Because this is a zoomless picture of my brother, it gives you a very good impression of how high you really are. Some of the buildings below are 40 to 70 stories high!
Here, you see that my bro has learned his lesson and took a cocktail as well. The salad was truly out of this world. I think one can say without exaggeration that Canadians and Japanese are the world's master salad makers.

Last updated on April 16th, 2002
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