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CN Tower

In the elevator

This is one of those places where it is next to impossible to take pictures, even more so with a digital camera. These cameras are too slow and that means that by the time you saved a picture or two, the ride is over. Also, the elevator is quite fast: it takes you in 58 seconds from ground level to the Outlook Level at a height of 346 metre. That's an average speed of 21.5 km per hour. As a consequence, even if one manages to take a few pictures, they are bound to be blurry.

Besides that, pictures made in the elevator can never be as spectacular as the actual feeling. In the pictures, one misses the movement, the feeling, the pressure building in one's ears, ... because - make no mistake - it is a spectacular experience. For the sake of comparison: the highest tip of the Paris Eiffeltower is at a height of 320 metre.

This picture, and the following ones, were made in March 2001.

Last updated on April 16th, 2002
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