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CN Tower

CN Tower - outside

Below, you will see some pictures I made of the CN Tower. For now, I only put pictures I made in March 2001, when my brother - Piet Van Bockstaele - was here. It was a very foggy and rainy day. Hence, it is not possible to see very far. This is the type of pictures that one will not often see in the typical polished touristic literature. However, it does give you a good idea of what can be seen when circumstances are not truly exceptional. And even that is still very much worth the trouble!

This picture, and the next ones, where made in March 2001.
If you look carefully, you'll be able to see the elevator rushing up. In 58 seconds, it brings you to the Look Out level, 346 metre high.
A group of Chinese tourists poses happily in front of the entrance building of the CN Tower.
Flemish tourist, Piet Van Bockstaele, and his dissident brother (myself). With thanks to the Chinese tourists!

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